Sevilla – Krasnodar: forecast and bets by Dmitry Simonov

The hosts are a clear favorite. Inexperience, an epidemic of injuries and illnesses, all this is about the current Krasnodar. On Saturday, the “bulls” lost away to “Akhmat” (0: 2) without 12 players in the main clip, the very green footballers of the club academy had to enter the field. The only argument in favor of the guests is the non-optimal form of Sevilla.

The Spanish team has only one victory in the last six meetings (they won only against Rennes, and in La Liga there were only three defeats in a row), and already seven matches in a row Sevilla cannot score more than 1 goal! In this regard, I would venture to suggest that Krasnodar will not lose more than one or two goals and will not allow a second defeat in a row. In addition, Sevilla regularly play low and, as I said, is experiencing problems in attack, while Krasnodar, which will definitely place the bus at the gate, simply does not have the resources in attack to score more than one goal. I will assume that Total will be less than 3.

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Sevilla – Krasnodar: predictions, bets and odds of bookmakers, date and time of the match, where to watch

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Lakers – Golden State: forecast and rate. “Warriors” will overcome the “lake”


Lakes in the last match with Portland still managed to break a streak of four defeats. Dennis Schroeder returned to the court and immediately became a key factor in the victory. He not only played well in the attack, but also managed to slow down Lillard in the second half. Recall that without Dennis Lakers lost four games in a row. Anthony Davis will not be in the ranks again, but will have to play against warriors who are now clearly on the move, and also won the first face-to-face match this season.

Golden state

Warriors after an away defeat from Charlotte when Stephen Curry was not playing, they managed to add and forget several failures in a row. Steve Kerr’s side have won their last three meetings, including Hornets in native walls. On the road Golden State won three of the last five battles. All the key players are now in the ranks, and Draymond Green, who in the last meeting gave a record 19 assists for himself, is now clearly on the rise, like Ubre, who played excellently in the last meeting.

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Given the absence of Davis, we can say that now the teams are equal, given the fact that the match will be held in Los Angeles. It is clear that Lakers will try to get revenge for an internal defeat and win again at home, even without Davis, but Curry is now very difficult to stop, especially since he has excellent support. Therefore, in a situation where the chances of winning are approximately equal, it is worth taking a closer look at the rate on the victory of the team that is rated higher. Victoria guests are offered for a very decent 2.51.

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ᐉ Horse Racing Betting With Most Popular Bookmakers

ᐉ Horse Racing Betting With Most Popular Bookmakers

About 8-10 years ago it was impossible even to imagine that you can bet on various sporting events right at home from your computer. Thanks to the enhanced development of Internet technologies, now there is no need to go to the offline branch of the bookmaker’s office. You can place bets on the races online directly from your personal computer / laptop / mobile gadget. Significant time savings. You can make a bet at home directly from your computer. You can make a bet at absolutely any (even at night, at least during the day). You may not have an offline pick-up point for a suitable bookmaker in your city. And on the Internet there are official sites of all modern bookmakers. Each bookmaker website has a variety of bonus programs and promotions in which you can participate and get a solid cash addition to your deposit. Basically, this is a bonus for registration, as well as a cumulative system of points, which you can later exchange for cash. In order to make correct and winning bets, you need a very detailed analysis. Since it is difficult to determine the favorite in the races, it is necessary to evaluate the horse’s physical condition at the last moment, immediately before the start of the race.

Evaluate the form and preparation of all horses in the race to draw conclusions and determine the favorite. It is worth paying attention to the age of the horses. Young horses are fast enough, and are able to break into leaders at one moment. And the older ones have good enough endurance, which allows them to win on long races. An important role is also played by the experience of a jockey who will control a particular horse. It is worth looking at the number of his races and performance. It is necessary to find a middle ground between a good jockey and a good horse. If you collect and analyze all this data correctly, you can predict a certain outcome and make a winning bet on horse racing. Another important principle of success is the selection of the correct game strategy. Strategy “For the favorite”. If the leader of the race has won several defeats, then you need to bet on his victory. In case of a loss, we bet a certain percentage higher and again we bet on his victory. The percentage is calculated so that the amount of the winnings covers the previous loss. Strategy “Troika of horses”. This type of game allows you to place bets on three horses at once. Therefore, in addition to the favorite of the race, you can choose two more pairs with high game odds. This strategy is recommended to be used in cases where no more than ten pairs are participating in one race. Horse racing betting requires careful analysis and a very careful approach. Often the favorites pointed to by the bookmakers are the very last. An important role will be played by a properly selected bookmaker with favorable conditions for bets of this type.

The next exercise will require even more dexterity and skill from you. Therefore, slowly try to achieve correct, smooth execution and only then increase the speed. What viewers evaluate first when watching a football game? Soccer ball technique and goals scored. The player does not make unnecessary movements. He manages to maneuver between the defenders of the enemy. The transfer of the ball in football is fine-tuned for the players. Success is based on careful preparation and skill acquisition. The speed of the athlete’s movement across the field is also important. Teammates are not always close when opponents surround. In such cases, the correct and quick dribbling of the ball in football saves. There are exercises and tips to help you improve this skill. What is dribbling in soccer? Dribbling in football requires good control of your body, legs and the ability to calculate actions for several moves ahead. Dribbling in soccer is an essential part of this game. It is performed by an athlete while running by hitting the ball. The ball bounces to the side at a distance determined by the footballer.

Register on the official website 1win and get a promo code for a deposit. The athlete determines the trajectory of the ball. It becomes possible to pass the ball correctly in football to a team-mate. An exit to a position appears, which allows you to approach the gate. The ball must be in the player’s field of vision. He also sees the players of his team and opponents – this allows him to assess the situation on the field and kick the ball in time. Basically, an impact is made at a distance of about 10 m. Self-dribbling is effective when there is no free space or when it is impossible to pass the ball to partners. In all other situations, the spirit of team play is important. “Salki” – one player dribbles the ball with step striking movements with one and the same foot in a small space, arbitrarily changing the trajectory of movement, the other player dribbles and tries to touch it with his hand, the touch is counted provided that the ball is in control. Then the players switch roles. If the opponent is attacking from the left, dribble with the right foot. If the attack comes from the right flank – lead with the left foot. All eminent athletes once learned to control the ball while walking and running.

Kazakhstan – Canada: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

The main meme of the current World Cup: “If Kazakhstan loses to Canada, it will be a real shame”. It is, of course, a little outdated, Canada has noticeably added since then and even defeated an even more collapsible than itself, the Norwegian team. But the main thing is not this aspect, but the fact that our Kazakh brothers will play with Italy within 17-18 hours after the match with the ancestors. And this is currently guaranteed three points, and it would not be entirely correct to risk them when playing with the Canadians.

Therefore, we can assume that our geographical neighbors, of course, will try to catch hold of the “maple” ones, and this will continue until the first missed puck. After that, the team of Kazakhstan will quit playing and begin to mentally prepare for the withdrawal of three points from the “macaroni”.

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It’s another matter if the Canadians fail to score quickly, and it’s even funnier if the Kazakhstanis open the score at all. Then there can be a lot of fun and interesting. But since all the limits of furious matches in this world championship have been chosen for the next five years, I will not lay down on such a frivolous result. Wangyu not easy, but still in the main time the victory of the founders with a rather modest advantage in a couple of pucks.

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